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Charity Boxes

Charity Boxes

Charity boxes are mostly used by charity organizations and other non-profit companies to collect funds and other donations from public. The boxes used for the collection purposes are designed with the aim to hide the item inside them as well as provide protection.

The charitable boxes are usually made from cardboard and plastic materials where cardboard is light in weight and easy to move. The plastic boxes are rigid and provide better security while also giving waterproofing properties. The plastic made boxes are also transparent in look and can be preferred by most people to let the public see the inside contents of the box.

The charity boxes are made from custom or die-cut shapes where custom can be used to get any shape with custom text on it like charities might choose to show their name or the place they will spend the money. The die-cut option allows to manufacture a unique and unusual shape for the box. The boxes used for charities have a small window on them which is used to put the cash inside the box by public.

All the charity box products can be customized by getting them embossed or stamped and customers can also add shine to their boxes by getting them foiled in gold or silver.

All our boxes can be made with full-color which allows us to print a pattern of colors or even an image on the charity useable boxes. We offer the lowest possible manufacturing rates for the charity boxes with the aim not to compromise on the quality of manufacturing. To keep the overall pricing to the minimum, we also offer free delivery of all the ordered items.

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