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Essential Oil Packaging

Essential Oil Packaging

Essential oils are, widely and extensively, used primarily to give medicated care to the patients or to provide health and hygiene, health or beauty related massages human body. These essential oils are either applied as per the physician prescription or the beauty parlors, health centers and general public are their main purchaser.

These essential oil packaging boxes are of two basic types and designs; one in which the product is sold to retail customer and the second one where the essential oils are shipped to the wholesaler from the manufacturer or to the retailer from the wholesaler. These boxes are manufactured in order to keep the glass bottles and cans of essential oils safe. The nature and style of both the types are different but one basic structure is common. These are made with white or colored cardboard in two sections; internal section consists of different small subsections to keep oil bottles, separate from each other and the outer box to place in the internal structure inside it. offers eleven different types and designs of the boxes which are; cardboard, matte finish, recycled, silver foiled, Gold foiled, gloss laminated, full color, embossed, Die-Cut, custom and window essential oil packaging. These boxes can be manufactured in any color, any size and any shape, as required for your business or as per the marketing plan of your company.

Images and text can be printed on these boxes in any combination of full, bright, glowing or eye-catching colors, as desired by you. Embossed or stamped printing can also be applied.

The manufactured boxes are shipped to you, free of cost, as and when manufactured, within Australia regardless of the sign and the weight of the consignment.

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