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Energy Saver Packaging Boxes

Energy Saver Packaging Boxes

Energy saver packaging boxes are special type, carefully designed and manufactured boxes to handle the very delicate and sensitive products. These are manufactured in order to deliver to the energy saver, safely and in working condition, i.e. without any damage to the product.

One type of boxes is manufactured for the shipment of the energy savers, from the manufacturers to the wholesaler and from wholesaler to the retailer while the other type is the used to deliver the product to the end user. The first type of the product is manufactured for the gross shipment, many cells in one box to safe the product from colliding with each other. The other type of box is manufactured with totally different philosophy of handling single delivery to the end user. offers eleven different types and designs of energy saver packaging boxes which are; matte finish, silver foiled, gloss laminated, cardboard, Die-Cut, Gold foiled, full color, embossed, recycled, custom and window essential oil packaging. All these types of boxes can be manufactured in all shapes, sizes and designs, as per your business requirements or marketing plan.

Typically, the energy saver boxes for trade shipment are made with hard cardboard with printing on it with CMYK basic colors while the energy saver boxes for the delivery to the end user are manufactured with soft, a little delicate material and with embossed and stamped printing on them. Images are text are printed with sharp, full bright and eye-catching color combination while the material to make are selected as per the design of the product.

Cheap and the best quality energy saver boxes are shipped to you, as and when made yet free of cost, within Australia, regardless of the size and weight of the consignment.     

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